Humorous Quotes to Ease The Pain After A Total Knee Replacement

Hi everyone. Actually, I put the total knee replacement term in the heading so that search engines will like it. These quotes will work for anyone looking for a good chuckle. So, here are some humorous quotes to ease the pain after a total knee replacement.

While riding my upright bike during my total knee replacement (aka tkr) recuperation, I was lucky enough to catch two classic cartoons on the Cartoon Network. Being a classic animation fan, I about fell on the floor (figurately, not literally) when I found out I turned the television on just in time to catch Yogi Bear. And, following that show…POPEYE!!!!! Woohoo!!!

Here’s the scenario:

Yogi and Boo Boo were walking in the forest looking for their cave.
Boo Boo: “We’re lost, Yogi.”
Yogi: “We’re not lost, Boo Boo. We just misplaced our cave!”

I’ll remember that quote next time I get directionally challenged while driving. 🙂

Popeye didn’t have any memorable quotes this time, but watching him eat his spinach left me with a hankering for some of the green stuff. Plus, it just never gets old hearing him say how something is “embarrasking”.

Here is an older NHL hockey-related quote. While watching the New York Rangers V Boston Bruins game video the other night, a big deal was made because Sean Avery was playing. So, of course, the media needed to interview him. He was asked something to the effect of why he is so disliked in the NHL (I didn’t hear the exact question). I did hear his reply, though.

“Even a mild aversion to Sean Avery is not that….chuckle while searching for the correct wording…”mild”, Avery replied. Good one! 🙂

Hope these quotes brought a smile to your face and a chuckle to your belly. Humor heals. That is especially true during our trying COVID-19 times. Stay safe and healthy!

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