Insight Into Icing and a Total Knee Replacement

Here is  a reprint of one of my popular posts that I continually get requests for. It contains my insight into icing and a total knee replacement. Enjoy!

Hi my favorite readers! I just found out that some patients were not told about icing after having a total knee replacement done.  This is unbelievable to me.

Without icing, my knee would be so swollen and painful, it would be difficult to walk. Icing keeps the swelling in check. It also helps decrease the pain after exercising. In the hospital, I had ice  on all the time.

There are a number of resources online about how to ice after a total knee replacement. One important thing to remember is to elevate your feet above your heart level.  One of my favorites is by Peerwell at Take a look for more info.

Once getting home, I iced for about 2-3 hours per day – at least. I don’t believe those who say that it’s too much. I know it helped me out, so I don’t listen to naysayers.

Today, almost 5 months after my tkr, I still ice after exercising.  It’s usually for about 30 minutes now.  I know I need icing when I can feel my knee and it’s warm after exercising.  That means it got a workout (my PT lady told me that 🙂 )

Prior to my tkr, I used to think icing and ice packs were a waste of time.  My, how times have changed during my tkr recuperation.  🙂

NOTE: Just be sure not to ice for so long that your tkr knee skin freezes! It can happen. That is one crazy experience.

Icing rocks!

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4 thoughts on “Insight Into Icing and a Total Knee Replacement”

  1. I had TKR sevens wks ago, I was just about to quit until I read your article
    on icing. I had my first TKR over 15 yrs ago and not one of my caregivers
    stress the importants to keep long after the swelling has gone down. I will
    follow this advice on both knees when I get through playing golf. Thanks,

  2. I’m in my 10 the month of knee replacement surgery , so do I still have to ice my replacement , no pain , but there is still swelling in the knee joint !! I do my exercise, walking, & stationary bike , so should I keep iceing my knee ?

  3. Hello Sammie,
    Thanks for posting your tkr comment about icing. As I state throughout my site, I do not dispense medical advice. I only talk about what I have experienced in the hopes of helping others. I have written about icing after a tkr in other posts on this site. Take a look around! If it is any help…I still ice occasionally YEARS after my tkr. Good luck!

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