Important NHL Hockey News

Martin Brodeur, goaltender for the New Jersey Devils, is out for 3-4 months with an elbow injury. More specifically, according to hockey news redistributed on today’s NHL Live! Show (televised on the NHL Network) – it is a torn distal bicep muscle injury.

Brodeur is scheduled for surgery Thursday. The 3-4 months needed for recuperation is the longest time he has been out of commission since his NHL career started.

This injury was originally described as a “bruised elbow” by various sportscasters throughout the NHL.

My thoughts and prayers go out to him, wishing him only the best and a speedy recovery.

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  1. Thanks for your comment, JH.
    I also agree that the Devils will do alright while Brodeur recuperates. In addition to having a solid team, they have a very good ‘back up’ goalie in Kevin Weekes. I’m confident he’ll show everyone what he’s made of.

    In fact, the Devils won last night. 🙂

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