Karma At Its Best

Here are two true life stories that illustrate Karma working….

There was just a segment on the news that I thought was worth sharing. There was a car chase in Minnesota in which the pursued thought he could escape the police by jumping out of his car. He started running and ran to the nearest building. The building happened to be the City Hall. All the doors were locked except for one.

In a hurry, he opened the door and ran inside. Instead of finding solace, he was surprised to find out what the door led to. It was the Police Station.

On a more personal note, this reminds me of something that happened when I was growing up. My dad worked at the County hospital, where the parking lot was very large. After parking his car in the lot one day, he went out after work to get ready for his drive home. His car was gone.

Someone stole his car. Out of all the cars in that full parking lot, something enticed the creep to steal my dad’s old time, rather beat up station wagon. (This is back when station wagons were still made).

My dad hitched a ride home with one of his friends. Later in the day, while our family was sitting around the dinner table, we received a call from a nearby Police Department.

The caller informed us that they had located my dad’s car. The tank was on “E”. The creep that stole my dad’s car drove it until it ran out of gas.

It ran out of gas directly in front of the Police Station.

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