Keeping Your Fingers Flexible..Again

I wrote previously about the importance of keeping your fingers flexible and working properly by playing a musical instrument. Here’s another way. You probably are doing it without giving it a second thought.

Use your keyboards. Keyboard usage increases blood circulation to your hands, strengthens your hand and finger muscles plus keeps your fingers flexible. And, I am not talking about the small keyboards found on your iPads or Smartphones that require excessive use of your thumbs. I am talking about using all your fingers on a computer keyboard. Or, if you know what a typewriter is, use that. Using a manual typewriter is especially beneficial since it takes so much more pressure and resistance to utilize a manual typewriter than a modernized keyboard.

If you know how to type, great. Just sit down at your computer and type out a letter or some other document that allows you to use all your fingers. Remember, your thumb will be used to press onto the space key.

Start out slowly and gradually increase your time and speed, as you progress along your ‘workout’. It’s the same with any exercise.

Real life suggestions: This may sound funny, by try it. I’ve been using my desktop keyboard for the past three hours and my fingers are letting me know how grateful they are for me using them. (That’s right..they talk to me in their own way…)

Keeping your fingers limber plays a key role in being able to lift, hold and grasp items of all sizes. It also increases your independence level from reducing your chances of relying on others to perform tasks you cannot do due to poor finger health. Do not take this for granted.

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