Knee Flexibility After a TKR

Hi my favorite readers! I’ve been receiving numerous inquiriesabout knee flexibility after a tkr. It seems that not having much is a common occurrence. Anyways, I agree with this and wanted to share some insight.

My knee flexibility has been a source of concern since my tkr, also. I was told by my doctor prior to surgery that my flexibility would be about the same after my tkr as before and to be prepared for that.

Before my tkr, as previously mentioned in a variety of my posts, my flexibility was not good. See, I’ve had scar tissue hanging around for 30+ years from previous injuries and surgeries.

My main concern about having a tkr was to improve functioning, including the capability of walking. I wanted to walk and function without excruciating pain. The flexibility was not an issue. Ok..

Upon presenting the issue to my doctor last month, I was asked again what it was prior to the surgery. I stated “about the same”. And..I was told that’s average.

“Let’s see how much you have. Bend your knee as far as possible” I heard. So, I did…the result…93 degrees.

“Can you climb stairs?” the doctor asked. “Yes, but it takes time and is not a pretty sight” I replied.

The 93 degrees is after exercising diligently everyday, too. It’s not like I sit around and do nothing. So, I live with a 93-degree flexibility in my tkr knee. I’m not complaining, just sharing with others going through the same thing.

Hope this tkr insight helps others going through the same thing. Keep truckin’!

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5 thoughts on “Knee Flexibility After a TKR”

  1. Hi Nancy,
    Thanks for visiting my site again. I’ve written other posts about tkr clicking. Take a look around, it may help.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  2. Debbie - Clearwater Beach, Florida

    Love tour blog. I’m had tkr 4 months ago. Your site has been so helpful and has been a real friend through this journey.

  3. Debbie - Clearwater Beach, Florida

    Jeez….please forgive my typos in the above post – guess I didn’t proof before I hit the send button:)

  4. No problem, Debbie. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and finding my blog useful enough to leave a very positive comment. Keep in touch and good luck!

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