Kneeling Exercises For a TKR

Hi everyone. One of my readers, Sharon, recently asked me if there was any specific exercise I did so I was able to kneel. Since I have had more than one other person ask me the same question, I thought devoting an entire post to the topic of kneeling exercises for a tkr is in order.

First of all, let me say that kneeling is not recommended by some surgeons. Not all patients can do it. Just because I can do it, does not necessarily mean you have the capabilities of doing it. With that waiver being out of the way….

The only exercises I did involved the traditional total knee replacement exercises that improve the knee’s flexibility. There are so many of them scattered throughout literature and my site. Some that come to mind include…

Gently rocking in a chair, sitting in a chair and gently sliding the upper body forward until a stretch is felt in the tkr knee, knee bends, gentle squats, and water aerobics.

Take a look around this site and find complete articles on the topic. You can also put the words “knee flexibility exercises” in the search box found in the upper right hand corner of my site.

Be aware that to this day, 9 years post-tkr, kneeling only occurs at a 95 degree angle. And…it’s not a pretty sight. It’s doable, but uncomfortable.

Anyways…hope this helps others going through the same thing.

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