Labor Day Weekend 2009

To all my readers celebrating Labor Day Weekend…have a safe and happy one! Blessings….

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  1. back atcha, although i’m way over here in china and it’s not the same.

    i just wanted to say that i have been struggling the last couple days with the fact that my tkr knee was stiff, swollen and sore and i got down in the dumps thinking i was regressing. i have a gluten allergy and had eaten two poptarts and that didn’t help things. i decided to go way back and read your posts to get some insight, and you really cheered me up. i see that you and i have similar mindsets and progress and i felt alot better. i’ve been working very hard, my physio tells me i’m a very competitive person, and as a result my knee is at 120/ 10 at two months post surgery. considering i’ve had RA for 4 years and haven’t walked normally in all that time due to being unable to straighten the knees i guess i’m doing ok. it’s time to start the tougher attempts at getting straight tho, i can see i need to move into the really painful physio. keep in mind also, i am allergic to the pain meds. advil is about as strong as i get. i do physio with nothing to aid me thu it. yep, there are tears. she gives me 10 reps of something tho, and i tell to keep going until i can’t take any more. sigh. it’s hateful.

    i just kind of didn’t realize that some weeks would see me feeling more stiff and less forward motion. i tend to forget that i’m healing from a tkr, synovectomy and ankle surgery. i seem to expect more than is physically possible. so thanks for putting out this excellent journey for those of us coming behind you. i know it’s helped me very much and i feel hope seeing how much you’ve accomplished.

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