Leg Alignment & A TKR

After reading a couple of comments from readers regarding their leg alignment, I thought it would be a good idea to share something that’s been happening with me. My TKR was 2/2008. So…it’s been awhile.

Within the last month, sometimes when I stand up there is a loud clunking sound alongside my outer ankle on my tkr leg. I’ll walk for a bit and it still clicks. There is no pain whatsoever. I wonder if this has to do with my tkr?

And, I have noticed that my shoe is hitting my foot in different spots than before my tkr. Strange. For instance, my big toe is closer to the shoe’s side than before. Sometimes my middle toe will rub against the front of my shoe. That didn’t happen before.

These occurrences are more of a curiosity than anything. There is no pain. It just didn’t happen any time before my ability to start walking “normally” after my tkr.


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