Looking To Buy Some Used Pots & Pans? Read this…

Happy New Year everyone. Hoping this new year finds you doing well and improving every day. Something recently came to my attention that …as the saying goes..”Set off the light bulb.” It involves buying used cookware from thrift stores, estate sales, consignment shops, or other venues where you do not personally know the buyers. Here’s the scoop I feel is worthy of sharing..

As many of you know, I wore a spica/full body cast for two years. How did I defecate during that time period, you may be asking? When standing, I used a sturdy hand-held cooking pot. Then, I emptied the contents into the toilet. Bedpans do not cut it when in the upright position. They didn’t for me, anyways.

Even though pots and pans can be scrubbed, sterilized, cleaned a million times, I still would not EVER buy or trust a used piece from anyone. That is my viewpoint, based on past experience.

Some of you may have a different opinion, I am simply sharing some insight into giving used cookware a second thought before purchasing. Do you really know how the cookware was used in a prior life?

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