Montreal Canadien Fans Lack Class

I knew after the All Star balloting fiasco earlier this year that there was a concern regarding Montreal fans. It’s nice to have passion, but come on. I don’t care if your team is 100 years old, your representing tradition has declined severely with your extreme display of disrespect.

First of all, let me say, that one of the pleasures of watching a Canadian NHL team play is the fact I can hear “Oh, Canada”. It’s a beautiful anthem. I will always like that song and respect it. With that being said…

In today’s game against the Boston Bruins – at the Centre Bell in Montreal Canada, the fans had the audacity to actually boo the American National Anthem. That is not passion, that is a total lack of respect and a sure sign of stupidity. They lack class. They were not booing America, but everything our Anthem symbolizes.

So, in that vein….I hope that Boston sweeps their (the “Habs”) silly little red butts all over the ice in 4.

Habs fans…remember….What goes around, comes around…You bunch of losers…..

Written by an American, and proud of it….

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