More Walking after a Total Knee Replacement

Yesterday I walked for an hour at a steady pace. My new knee loves it when I take her for a good walk. Not too fast, not too slow. It was very enjoyable. Then, near the end of the walk I noticed that sweat was pouring down my face. To admit it, I was surprised. All I was doing was walking – no elevation, either.

I’ve known for years how plain old walking is great exercise, and my recuperation from a total knee replacement loves it. (I use the term total knee replacement during my blogs so search engines can pick it up..:) )

That evening when I got home, I showered, had a cold beverage, and plopped down on the sofa. I put an ice pack on my knee (it was crying for one since it was so swollen), elevated my leg, and then turned into a couch potato for the rest of the evening.

Wow…did it feel good. 🙂

2 thoughts on “More Walking after a Total Knee Replacement”

  1. I had total knee replacement (right knee) on Jan. 7, 2008. Recovery and rehab went perfectly.

    I now am in St. Andrews, Scotland, where I have walked and played 22 rounds of golf over the past 27 days. I have a very firm brace that I wear on my left knee which is bone-on-bone (I’ll schedule surgery on it this fall). My surgical knee has done fantastically–no pain or discomfort. My surgeon in Austin, TX, is fabulous.

    I will be here for another 3 weeks, walking and playing.

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