Motorcycle Training Courses and a TKR

There is a paved LARGE motorcycle training course in my backyard.   While walking back from the mailbox the other day, I put the unused pavement to use.  It makes for a great walking course. 🙂

When not in use by the motorcycle guys and gals  – the pavement is perfect for a total knee replacement (TKR) recuperation exercise.  It is flat (except for one small dip that I discovered one day), paved, and I can walk it as many times as my little heart desires.

I find that walking around it at a moderate pace -for about 5 times- suits my needs fine.  My knee loves it, and my entire body gets a good workout.  It is even better when the sun is starting to rest after a busy day.  Nice breeze, cool pavement, and quietness….woohoo!

So, for all the mornings that I am woke up by the annoying high squeal of a motorcycle horn (bummer), some good has come out of this course.  (If you’ve never heard a motorcycle horn, you’re saving yourself a headache.)

Right on….

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