Multivitamins…You Get What You Pay For

Hi my favorite readers! There is a time to cut back on spending, and a time to spend a little more for quality. Case in point worth sharing…

There are multivitamins and minerals available on the marketplace that contain all the needed ingredients. Since I was in the market for some replacements, I purchased a house brand that seemed to serve the purpose. The cost was less than other brands available on the shelve. So..I figured I was getting a good deal. When I got home…yikes…

The multivitamin did not have an indentation. Indentations make it easy to break the “pill” in half with your hands. Without the indentation, there is no way this elephant-sized item can be divided without using a knife. And…even the sharpest knife needs persuading to do the job. Bummer. Maybe I need to start viewing it as a morning exercise to strengthen my arm muscles. Ha!

(To answer your question about why it’s a big deal to break the vitamin/mineral in half….it’s easier to digest and be more quickly absorbed into your bloodstream. Taking the entire item as a whole can be too much of a shock on your system and cause a nauseated feeling.)

The morale of the story…”you get what you pay for.” Just sharing some news to help others going through the same thing.

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