Nausea After a TKR?

Hi everyone. One of my readers questioned whether anyone had concerns regarding nausea after undergoing a tkr (total knee replacement). I have written about this in former posts dating back to 2008, but will reiterate.

The only nausea I had initially was from the local anesthesia while in the hospital. The anesthesia resulted in appetite loss, dizziness, impaired speech and light-headedness. I didn’t eat anything for one day and then slowly started eating small amounts. First time I stood up for physical therapy, I vomited.

Once the anesthesia cleared out of my body, nausea was not an issue. This coincided with my hospital discharge. I believe the physical exercises and drinking plenty of fluids helped flush out the anesthesia. I’ve gotten nauseous from anesthesia after other surgeries, so I wasn’t concerned. Nothing surprised me since a tkr is major surgery and anesthesia is poison. Ask any anesthesiologist.

While recuperating at home after my tkr, nausea occurred when I took prescribed pain meds. The nausea curbed my appetite enough to lose 10 pounds over two months.

After trying different pain meds for two months (none working other than increasing nausea levels), the nausea stopped. Ice was a much better and healthier pain reliever during tkr rehab.

By the way, please remember everyone is different and has unique experiences and recuperation stories.

This site is not intended to provide negative feedback. Only real-life experiences are shared on this site, both positive and negative. How you interpret the wording is up to you.

Have you had issues with nausea after your tkr? Kindly share your experience to help others, whether you have or have not.

Hope this helps others going through the same thing.
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4 thoughts on “Nausea After a TKR?”

  1. My nausea was from the pain medication given intravenously after surgery. It was a heavy narcotic (dilaudid) and I don’t tolerate them at all. I lost 18 hours during which I pulled out an IV, got out of bed on my own & generally raised quite a ruckus. LOL! At one point I remember having a dream that made me decide not to have the surgery. I woke up, thinking I was at home and couldn’t remember where I was or what was going on. That was when I started coming out of the delirium and told them to take away the pain meds. They did and my head started to clear, but then I was terribly nauseated and threw up a few times. I was fine with the ice and the numbing medication that was going into my femoral artery. When I transferred to the rehab side of the hospital, I was given darvocet at my request. No one thought it would be strong enough, but it was fine. Of course, now they don’t make it any more so there are no pain meds other than OTC’s that I am willing to take.
    So that’s my horror story. The only take-away I have from my experience is to be firm about what type of pain medicine you are willing to take. I knew narcotics would whack me out, but I let the doc talk me into them anyway. Never again!

  2. Andrew Goulding

    I had a left TKR on Jan 17th 2012 I am a 52yr old man.. I am suprised how long it is taking me to get over the operation.. my knee is still stiff and painful although the swelling has gone down and my leg is nearly normal, the wound is good also and fading fast.. my main problem is the nausea which I am sure is due to the pain relief drugs I am taking – 10mg OXYCOTIN 2-4 times per day depending how much pain I am in ..I am trying to get mayself onto something less addictive than thses tablets but its difficult and has to be done gradually , my only advice to anyone considering a TKR please try pain relief but NOT OPIATES its not worth it and I maybe would cope better with the pain if I didnt feel so bad in myself due to the nausea …. so I can agtee 100% with Linda f ..

  3. Its 13 days since I posted last comments .. its 0350am 19/03/12 and at last I feel human again after days of feeling like a walking corpse and I do mean that..
    I did not consider myself a junkie and I certainly was not drug dependent in any way before my operation, I just did some research into what I was taking for my pain and being shocked beyond belief at what effects they have on you .
    I will be honest and say its been a complete hell for me and my poor wife , sickness & sever flue like symptoms insomnia to the extreme shaking , sweats and i actually lost 3kg which isnt a bad thing but I dont recommend this as a diet .. stick to salads and fruit !!!
    My new knee is better each day and so am I , so lesson learnt and one I want others to learn from my experience and not go through it themselves – it really isnt funny at all.. After the operation I needed pain relief and boy its great to press a button and get heaven .. the hospital and my GP have had my feelings made known to them in a customer feedback kind of way …

    So final words , after any operation or in fact to fight any pain, try and avoid the evil opiates they take your life and soul , TLC an asprin and a stiff drink before bed is my prescription the pain in most cases will go .. Opiates have their place in our lives and are very good to ease the never ending pain of terminal illness etc…..

    So If you are reading this and its sounds like you .. you know what you have to do .. be strong and good luck you can do it .

  4. Shana Marshall

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