Nausea & A TKR

Hi everyone. Nausea and a tkr isn’t an exciting topic or one that you want to read at the dinner table. needs to be discussed since some of you have asked me about it….

Of the many comments I’ve received lately, a common theme concerns nausea after tkr and during recuperation. “What is your experience?â” I’ve been asked? So, here it is…

I had nausea during two periods after my tkr. The first was caused by the anesthesia while I was recuperating in the hospital. I didn’t eat much while in the hospital.

The only other episode occurred when I took the “pain meds” (I use parentheses since the meds did not handle the pain). The nausea was mild, but still noticeable. I remember that episode as being two weeks. Then, I just started aspirin.

After those two periods, no problem. The only other time I get nauseous nowadays is when I see someone eat nacho chips covered with that orange-colored liquid stuff called cheese.

Or, come to think about, when I see that orange stuff on any food. I’m suddenly not feeling well. I need to clear my mind.

Hope this helps others going through the same thing.

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2 thoughts on “Nausea & A TKR”

  1. Anyone there five weeks out? I’m supposedly doing very well, and am doing PT twice a week at a rehab (after three weeks of home PT on my own as per doctor’s plan).

    It I feel mildly ill. Tired and achy. Depressed and anxious. Ashamed that I even HAVE these feelings.

    This was a much bigger deal than I realized. I was planning on doing my other knee, which is also bone on bone, but now I’m having doubts.

    Any insight would be most helpful. Thanks!

  2. Hello Paddy,
    Thanks for taking the time to visit my site and leave your tkr comment. You are doing better than I was at five weeks. It’s natural to tire easily, feel anxious/depressed, and wonder if you’re progressing at a good pace.
    I believe part of the ‘problem’ is we are not informed of the rigorous recuperation process ahead of us. The benefits far outweigh the drawbacks, though.
    I have written about mental concerns in various posts throughout this site. Take a look around to receive further insight from myself and others. You are not alone.
    Best of luck and keep in touch!

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