Nerve Damage & TKR Update

Hi my favorite readers! Recently, some of you have asked about nerve damage after a tkr. I thought it would be helpful to reprint an older post I wrote about this subject….

I’ve written before about how I have nerve damage on my tkr leg. The nerve damage, prior to my tkr, caused me extreme pain. Every time I’d stand up, I needed to wait for my skeletal system to get in place before moving. If I didn’t wait, the pain was too unbearable to walk.

Then, when going through the process of discussing tkr surgery, I found out the pain was caused by a bone spur. My bone spur grew due to my knee being bone-on-bone. The spur was grabbing hold of the nerve that went the length of my outer leg.

So, after my tkr, the nerve pain was still there. It was lessened, however. Then it seemed to gradually diminish. Woohoo!

Now, 18 months post tkr, I find that my nerve damage returns if I sleep for an extended time on my affected (surgical) side. Bummer…I thought I was over pain. (I’m chuckling to myself over that comment).

The past couple of days, I’ve made a discovery. I stretch prior to getting out of bed and it feels great. Slightly painful on my tkr leg due to the nerve…but MUCH better than the first few months after my tkr when I couldn’t stretch without immense pain from my nerve and tkr. It feels great to just stretch now. So, I get out of bed with the uncomfortable (but not severe) nerve pain in place. I gripe to myself, but accept it. Then, I go for my daily walk.

First I go downstairs. Gulp. Then, I get outside and stretch a bit more. It’s great being outdoors. The birds are chirping, the grasshoppers are out strolling (or hopping) and on a clear day like today…the mountains are in clear view. It’s truly a beautiful site that I am very grateful for.

As I start my walk, ouch. I feel a little out of sync. I continue, though, since I’m on a mission. Then, I notice that the pain completely stops. It’s as if my nerve has found its correct place and everything is working in alignment. Cool…

Well, thought I’d share this with anyone else going through the same thing. And for all who are in the beginning stages of your tkr recuperation…it does get better. Believe me on that.

Find interesting? Kindly share….

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  1. It certainly is wonderful to be able to do common, everyday things like stretch and roll-over in bed without feeling pain. It sounds as though you are still finding it quite hard to move around easily. Stretching, especially after being cooped up in one position for a long time is the best thing.

    I’m so pleased that I seem to have gotten through the worst of the post-op pain and major discomfort (today is the 12 week anniversary of my TKR op). Being abe to walk without that pain of a knee badly damaged by arthritis will also be wonderful, once we get to that stage when we are fully rehabilitated. Those mornings when we can walk confidently in the sun and experience the sheer joy of moving reasonably freely again! I never thought that I would attach so much importance to such simple things like walking. It makes me feel so lucky.

    Tonight I had my 12 week flexion measurement by the physio – I have improved my knee flex to 110 degrees. Bit disappointed that it’s not the 120 degrees that a friend of mine achieved very quickly (within about 7 weeks). I thought I could get there too, but at least it is 10 degrees better than 6 weeks ago, so that’s something. My physio has now given me lots of harder exercises to do that concentrate, not on strength which I now seem to have enough of for walking withut an elbow crutch, but must focus on flexion improvement. On Friday morning this week I also see my surgeon for the 12 week post-op review.

    Hang in there – keep stretchcing and walking to meet the mornings!

  2. nerves quite simply get on my nerves!!! lol i have the saphenous nerve issue where my whole knee is numb all around ever since my scope back in 2005. and in every surgery since (seven) they have had to scrap off scar tissue entangled up in it. what a pain(pun intended). but i am used to not being able to feel a shaver or a touch being tingly. worst part is that i feel every movement inside. from muscles moving to the tkr parts moving. but i am just glad that i have movement at all. i had my 12 week checkup since my tkr revision with my os for the first time. needless to say he was not happy that my parts are doing the same cracking,clicking,etc. i still can not bear any weight on it for the steps or walking up/down hills because the bones hurt so badly. he had me in the stairwell for a demonstration and he sat on the step and was so dissappointed. i felt so bad for HIM, and i am the one with the pain. he had no answers, but said there are other things that can be done to beef it up more but can not do anything now and said to bear the pain another 3 months, keep doing the stairs with the pain and he will see me back. he kept saying this is so interesting. he has seen over 10,000 knees in his career, but none like mine. should i feel special? i just want answers sooner. i hate that you have to wait so long for results. and the time just passes by. and before you know it i am turning 50 in december!! aaah my life! well i guess i cried enough, better days ahead, and many other things to worry about and take care of. life goes on one way or the other. thanks for listening. take care and keep stretching those nerves so they don’t get on your nerves. haha

  3. I find your discussion on nerves may be helpful to me. My second tkr was 2 yrs ago, have about 80 degree flexion on the 2nd tkr. Dr. said I came off the table like that. I can straighten my leg and I stretch a lot. My problem is nerve damage all the way to my toes. I feel like there are socks bunched up in my shoe, and I am unable to wear socks. I am going to streatch more and try walking more. Anyone have any suggestions I’d love to hear about it. Thank you tzroberts

  4. Hello, this info is very helpful. It’s nice to know others are going through what I have been trying to figure out for so long. Keep up the great work and thank you!

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