NHL Awards & Red Carpet Shows

The NHL Red Carpet and Awards Show was something to be remembered. The Red Carpet Show was just fun except for that blonde woman (I forgot her name) interviewer that was there. Sometimes she asked the most ridiculous questions. For instance, when talking to a wife or girlfriend, she’d ask..”Did you pick out his outfit?” “Did you tell him how to dress?” Give me a break. If I was a guy I’d be insulted by that. The NHL Red Carpet Show was on the NHL Network.

Onward to the NHL Awards Show, broadcast on Versus. During the Red Carpet us viewers were told that Stompin’ Tom Connors would open the show with his “The Hockey Song”. Woohoo!!! I was thrilled!

It was back to back Red Carpet to Awards Show. Everything was set up…beverage in place, pillow propped up, etc. I was ready for some good time hockey related viewing.

4pm PST comes around, time for the Awards Show. I turn it on and there is something called “The Coronation Street” on. So, I’m thinking maybe it’s a small Canadian town filled with frozen ponds where hockey kids get their beginning. You know, a segway of sorts leading into the Awards Show. Suddenly, confusion sets in since no ponds came into play and the plot was just stupid….

4:02 PST…NHL Draft segment comes on. WHAT THE ??!!!! Where’s the Awards Show? I switch back to the TV Guide to make certain I read it right and there was no programming change. Sure enough, the NHL Awards Show is listed. I switch back to Versus. Did this a couple of times.

I am fit to be tied by this time. Then, the camera switches to Don McClain on stage. He is saying, “Thanks to Stompin’ Tom Connors….” WHAT??!!!! Bum me right out!!!!! I’ve never seen him sing that song and was SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT! And, for what? Nothing but frustration and disappointment. A Versus’ programming error, or the push of a button…caused us hockey fans total …. !!!

Anyways, once I settled down and starting watching the NHL Awards Show, it was just great. I loved seeing Gordie Howe there. I remember my mom listening to every Detroit Red Wings game with Howe, Alex DelVecchio, and Ted Lindsay (‘The Production Line’) in them, when they played at the Olympia. How cool. 🙂

Pavel Datsyuk was priceless in his “My English is short” comment used in his acceptance speech.

What a fantastic show. Now, if only Versus would learn how to program properly.

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