NHL Live! Update – What?!

While watching the 2007 Stanley Cup Playoffs involving Game 3 of the Detroit Red Wings V Anaheim Ducks – I noticed an interesting item on the feeder board:

NHL Live! is scheduled to return to the NHL Network on September 22. WHAT?! What happened to September 15?

I’ll keep checking.

BTW..it’s no wonder the Anaheim Ducks won the Stanley Cup in 2007. They had the highest fight percentage in the NHL. Detroit had the lowest. And, it wasn’t so much the fact that Anaheim started fights…they were dirty fights, dirty shots. Pronger just hurt Holmstrom with a totally dirty, cheap shot. The rotten bum…No wonder I boo every time I see him on the ice. 🙁

Haha…Detroit just scored its fifth goal. I know…they lost the series…don’t rub it in.

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