NHL Live!

Well, today was the day originally announced as the return of NHL Live! with EJ Hradek and Don LaGreca.  One of my readers just expressed disappointment over not seeing the live show today.

As noted in a previous blog post, the NHL Network reader board has been stating the return date is actually September 22.  I have been seeing that updated feed for about a couple of weeks.

Us diehard NHL Live! fans are disappointed, but anxious, for the return of the lively banter between those two.  EJ Hradek and Don LaGreca are like an old married couple who happens to love hockey. 🙂

In the meantime, we can watch the Prospects Tournament from Traverse City, Michigan.  It is very entertaining and informative to see.

2 thoughts on “NHL Live!”

  1. what has happened to ej hradek on the nhl live show. the show has gone down hill since his departure.

  2. Hi…
    My intuition tells me that they are slowly moving towards someone else.
    I don’t believe the show has gone downhill since EJ’s departure..or “assignment”. It’s different. Sometimes I like it more since “fill ins” have more real-life NHL experience.
    We shall see….
    I do miss the banter between EJ Hradek & Don LaGreca, though.

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