Nine Months Since a Total Knee Replacement? Update..

Where does the time go? It’s hard to believe that it’s been nine months
since my total knee replacement. There have been many changes since
the surgery, with all of them being the result of regular exercise.

My leg with the bionic knee can be lifted up sideways without any
discomfort. To better describe this movement: while laying on my
side, I can lift my leg up. This was impossible up until about 3
weeks ago.

I still have difficulties going up and down stairs. It is getting
better, however. My knee is still too stiff the comfortable go
downstairs without my having pain.

The overall knee pain is 100% better than before my total
knee replacement (tkr). The pain is simply from my muscles getting
“back in shape”.

It’s easier to get in and out of cars. At first, it was very painful
to accomplish maneuvering this. Now, my knee is still not bending
fully, but it’s much better.

Usually, there is no pain walking. If there is pain, it is from my
damaged nerve caused from the bone spur that’s now gone.

I still need to elevate my leg onto a pillow when sleeping at night.
Even though I can go for awhile without doing this, eventually, it
will be painful enough to require elevation. No big deal.

My leg can be easily lifted up while laying on my back. This was impossible for quite some time.

My knee is still swollen, but less than it has been. Some days are
better than others. After exercising, the swelling increases. Icing
helps with this.

I’ll think of some more and add them later….

2 thoughts on “Nine Months Since a Total Knee Replacement? Update..”

  1. It was interesting to read your progress. I am at 9 months now and I maybe a little better than you. My leg lifts were happening before I left hospital and my knee has almost full movrment. I have a little “crunching” inside when I walk, but they so this is OK. I have recently experienced some muscle pain on turning and that has been treated with a silicone type injection and an anti inflammatory injection. This was just yesterday, so I am not sure yet what a differnce this will make.
    Stairs continue to be problem. going down is far worse than up which, on a good day I can do normally yet slowly. Down is still a “one step at a time” effort.
    All in all though, compared to the pain I endured for ten years and through 3 athroscopes, my pain is almost non-exsistent with regards to the knee and its replacement surgery.
    Hope Inever go through it again though. At this stage my other knee is not showing any sings of deterioration.

  2. Okay, I’m jumping in here because I’m now at nine months (and NO baby…lol) ……

    I’m still having trouble going down stairs, can’t do it at all unless very slowly!

    Still have some problems transitioning from sitting (too long) to standing. I have to stand and rock side to side a few times to get myself ready to move….once I get moving, I’m okay.

    Summer and swimming time is coming to an end… I will go back to the boring bike….*sigh*

    All in all, I think I’m better than I was one month ago!

    Sleeping poses very few problems, just very careful not to bounce out of bed on my new knee……

    I stand at a counter most of the day and tend to lean forward a bit too much, which I’m trying to correct, so sometimes my legs will get stiff which I have to bend and stretch a little …..but most of the time, walking is no problem anymore.

    Swelling is still noticeable but not nearly as bad as before…..and my scar is not so bad, especially with my tan!

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