No Fancy Tools Needed

After having just finished a chapter in my book, I think it would be a good idea to blog about it. It is tied directly into recuperating from a total knee replacement.

30 years ago…When I was in a body cast, I learned to dress myself with my feet. (You do what you have to do). The task was not easy, but I did it. And, it may have been time consuming, but who cares? One doesn’t move too fast while in a body cast, anyways. 🙂

Skip to this year….While going through the pre-op tkr class, an occupational therapist introduced all of us patients to different contraptions that were designed to help us with the recuperation process. I remember, in particular, a grabber that came in different lengths. So many of these items are just downright unnecessary – in my opinion.

Granted, some people cannot use all of their faculties and definitely benefit from these devices. However, others who do have their faculties just rely on these mechanisms because: 1) they don’t know otherwise; or 2) they don’t want to put forth the effort.

It takes work to use your toes as a dressing tool. It also uses your muscles and helps your pocketbook.

Using your toes as fingers is actually kind of fun once you get the hang of it. 🙂

1 thought on “No Fancy Tools Needed”

  1. i have to disagree with you. I am seven weeks out of bitkr,both knees, and I find the grabber a terrific help in getting shorts and other items of clothing put on. I don’t have total flexation yet of my knees so this helps. I also find the devise that helps you get your socks on to be a live saver.

    Maybe after you have your surgery you will have a different opinion of these devices. knee replacement is unlike anything I have ever gone through before and you lave no idea how limited you are with sore aching non bending knees.

    As fa as not putting forth thr effert, I work daily to get my knees back to as normal as possible. It takes work and more work.

    You will see.

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