Not Your Typical TKR Doctor's Visit

An event just popped into my mind while I was thinking about buying some new shoes. As previously mentioned, I need to start wearing an external shoe lift again. So, here is the event that turned the lightbulb on….

It was during my year follow-up after my total knee replacement. My doctor and I were finding out how much of a leg length difference I had. He was placing different blocks underneath my tkr leg, with different thicknesses.

We went through about three of these. None seemed to work. Then, on the fourth….

“How does that one feel?” he asked.

“Hmmm. It feels better than the others. I’m not sure how much better, though,” I said indecisively.

“OK,” he says as he removes the block and puts another one under my foot. (My back was turned to him).

“How does this one feel?” he asks.

“Hmm. It feels pretty good. This is the one. It seems to be better than the others,” I replied.

“Hah! That was a trick question! It was the same as the one before it!” he said as he chuckled enthusiastically.

As I turned to look at him, he chuckled even more as I shook my head and rolled my eyes.

That was a memorable doctor’s visit after my tkr. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Not Your Typical TKR Doctor's Visit”

  1. lol……that’s how I feel when I get my eyes checked….the Dr says “which one is better? This one?…..or this one?…..” and back and forth…sometimes I’m not sure they are really any different! It’s a wonder I ever get a new prescrition, it takes so long for him to do my exam!

    BTW, today I worked from 6 AM to 4 PM…….it was a very long day, I was okay until about 3, then my leg was really beginning to pain me……so as soon as I got home at 430, I popped a pain pill, AND a muscle relaxer, put my feet up and a heating pad under my back…..I will definitely go to bed extra early tonight.

    A few nights this past week, I have been plagued with a restless, “jumpy” leg……this is something new. Just in my bionic leg, though, and not until I get into bed and want to sleep. And ice seems to annoy the problem. Anyone else having this feeling?

  2. hi debi,
    i don’t know how you do such long hours, but it sounds like you have a system of relief that you can count on. my husband gets the jumpy legs when he goes to bed. there is a medical name for it but for the life of me i cannot think of it right now. it has to do with the muscles needing to settle down from a day of in his case, going up and down ladders and kneeling and bending alot and standing or walking alot that day. he was told that he should do leg stretches before lying down. to stretch out those muscles just as you would before going into the gym. or he could drink some tonic water before going to bed. it has quinine in and that helps with muscle spasms. take care

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