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This blog post has nothing to do with a total knee replacement, car accident, book writing, or writing in general.  It has to do with Hurricane Ike.

I have been watching live Houston coverage of the hurricane since it was approaching the Galveston area.  In fact, the hurricane was 5 miles from land when I first started watching.  Now, it is daylight and downtown Houston received the category 1 hurricane.  The damage is immense.

My heart and soul goes out to that area of our country.  I lived through Hurricane Andrew (down on the Florida gulf coast) and hurricanes are frightening.  Weather-wise, they are fascinating.  The destruction they leave behind is anything but.

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  1. Hi, Booktoots,

    I know what you mean. In 1982, my wife and I lived in an apartment complex in Marion, Illinois. I had just re-entered the Air Force in early April and moved the last week of the month.

    On Memorial Day weekend, we drove back to spend the weekend with our folks in West Frankfort. We were sitting in my parents’ living room when a “national” news update told of a tornado that had just blasted its way through Marion.

    The scene as displayed on TV showed total devastation of our former complex. Our original plan was for me to attend tech school, and my wife would join me when it was time to move to Idaho. At the last minute I decided I wanted her with me at school. I’m glad I changed my mind. We would surely have lost all of our possessions and possibly Donna’s life. We were fortunate, to say the least.

    Through all the rubble on TV I could see where our apartment had stood. Ten of our neighbors died that day. It’s difficult to comprehend what nature can do until it happens to you. Granted, it was a full month after we moved out, but, even so, we knew those ten people. It was hard to believe they were gone–in, literally, a heartbeat.

    Well, I wanted you to know that you’re not alone in thinking of and praying for the people of that region of Texas.


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