On Second Thought…TKR Recuperation

The decrease in my knee swelling is more than likely a culmination of a variety of things – all taking 6.5 months to see any results.  (Yes, I know that in proper writing composition – numbers under ten are to be written out. I’m gutsy. 🙂 )

Recuperation from a total knee replacement is time consuming and involves a variety of exercises.  Just don’t give up.  I’ve known people who still can’t walk downstairs and it’s been a year after their tkr.  They simply do not do any exercises to increase their flexibility.  What’s the sense in that?

2 thoughts on “On Second Thought…TKR Recuperation”

  1. Thanks for your coments, I am at 4th week and have been frustrated but through this site realizing recovery is a long, hard road. OK with me, just didn’t realize it before surgery.

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