One-Legged Maneuver on Exercise Bike

Hi everyone. Yesterday while ending my “regular” riding on my exerise bike, I tried something different for my tkr recuperation program. It seems to work out well, so I thought I’d share it.It is a one-legged maneuver on exercise bike.

Using my bionic-key leg, I pedal with just that leg. I’ll start calling it my “one-legged maneuver”. This is when the foot straps come in real handy. Without those, this maneuver would be very difficult (if not impossible).

For an even better workout, I find it works great to go in reverse. 🙂 I consider both of these moves a great workout since I work up quite a sweat.

Note: While doing this one-legged workout on my total knee replacement leg, it sure does help to have arm handles to hold on to. Actually, it’s not just that I’m holding on to them. I squeeze those things so tight, if they were human, they’d be grimacing.

Anyways, it’s fun to find new exercises to add to the total knee replacement recuperation process.

I’m pooped.

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  1. I find it is easier to go backwards at first too. Seems to give the knee a more passive route the first few times around. Now that you mentioned working the leg using just that one, I am going to have to try that at PT. My home bike does not have straps.
    I ended up back at PT for ultra sound massage and will be doing that for the next two weeks. I does help. The physical therapist also told me to stretch out on each side of the scar with the heel of my hand, holding for as long as i can stand it, until I feel the burn.

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