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One Week After A Total Knee Replacement

Hi everyone! Have you recently undergone a total knee replacement? Are you wondering what others in your similar situation are going through? I know some of you are, since you have contacted me. You have been asking for an article I wrote discussing what happens one week after a total knee replacement.

Here goes…

It’s been a week since my total knee replacement. Considering that it’s a major operation, it just amazes me how I’m up and around. There’s a lot of swelling of my foot and knee area. It goes down a bit with ice.

Every hour, I get up and walk around. In addition to developing my knee muscles from the surgery, I need to retrain my muscles to be used ‘normally’. See, for the past 30 years, I’ve been wearing a shoe lift. This means that I haven’t been walking from heel to toe. Rather, my gait has been from plop to toe.

The pain upon first rising, either in the morning or after sitting, is unbearable. Once I begin to move, though, it gets better. Prescribed pain meds are ineffective for me. They usually get me nauseated. So, I don’t take any.

Muscles are meant to be used, and it’s interesting to see how they develop and/or rebuild one week after a total knee replacement. Painful, but interesting. Don’t ask me to repeat that next time I stand up, though.

Once finding out I needed a home therapist 3x/week, I didn’t think it was necessary. Now, I’m glad it’s happening. On our first meeting, she showed me new ‘tricks’. I’ve already told her that she is known to my friends as “the torturist”. Her reply to that? “PT stands for pain and torture”. That’s funny.

My PT lady just came and went. She eliminated an unbearable amount of pain simply by stretching my newly aligned muscles. Right on, PT lady. 🙂

Hope my insight about what happens one week after a total knee replacement helps others going through the same thing. Do not give up. It does get better!

Find interesting? Kindly share…Thanks!

AUTHOR NOTE: Booktoots’ Healing helps total knee replacement patients find support throughout recuperation and beyond. Its mission is for patients to understand they are not alone in their ordeal with either a tkr or other physicality concerns.

This site is owned and operated by Marie Buckner, a published author and tkr patient who has been living with various physicalities for over 40+ years. She enjoys sharing her experiences to help others going through the same thing.

1 comment to One Week After A Total Knee Replacement

  • Dr Jaya Maheshwari

    Thanks for sharing your experience after total knee replacement surgery.
    The purpose of knee replacement, actually is to get on your knees as soon as possible.
    Happy for you. Your experience will definitely create awareness for knee replacement and motivate those who are afraid to get this surgery.

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