Overdoing Exercise during a TKR Recuperation

Hi everyone. Recently, there have been days when it seemed that my tkr knee was overreacting to exercise. There was more swelling than usual, and more pain than usual. It was more sluggish and hard to move, also.I have been overdoing exercise during a tkr recuperation. All in all, it was frustrating. And, I expressed that in a recent blog post on this spell binding site.

So, I have received feedback from some readers and friends who expressed concern that perhaps I had been doing too much exercise while still recuperating from a total knee replacement. I like to always remember my physical therapist as telling me that a great way to tell if I overdid any exercise was to follow this indicator: If I was in pain for two hours after exercise…I was overdoing it.

Funny thing was…I was not in pain for two hours after my exercise regime. I felt fine other than seeing increased swelling. The pain and stiffness, plus other symptoms, set in later – like a day later. Interesting….It’s not that I’m doubting my physical therapist, I trust her totally. It’s just interesting to me.

Well, here’s the scoop on my overdoing exercise during a tkr recuperation. (And, if my doctor is reading this, my friend did this – not me. I’m just relaying the information.)

I overdid it. Recently, I acquired an excellent exercise bike that I just love. So, I turned on the television to the NHL Network and watched a repeat of Game 5 of the 2008 Stanley Cup Finals. I started riding my bike the last five minutes of the game. Perfect timing, I thought. My goal was to ride my bike until the end of the game. Turns out that wasn’t a very good goal.

The Detroit Red Wings were winning in the last minute of play. I’m counting down to victory. Then…the Pittsburgh Penguins scored and tied the game – in the last 35 seconds. I had totally forgotten about that originally happening. Then, the game went into overtime periods. I was still riding my bike, oblivious to everything but the television screen.

Yes, I was going slow and taking numerous breaks. However, my five minute ride turned into more minutes than I care to admit to.

At least I’ve solved the case of my total knee replacement knee and am gutsy (or questioning) enough to admit it to others who may be going through the same thing.

Moral of story: If you’re going to ride your exercise bike during a hockey game, be sure it’s not during an overtime game of the Stanley Cup Final – repeat or original broadcast.

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