Why Blog?

Hi my favorite readers! Why am I blogging in addition to writing my book? Well, blogging serves a variety of purposes for me (and probably others). Here are some reasons I am blogging:

* it serves as a journal of my book writing project

* it is a popular way to get words into the public eye

* I find that by making public my writing experience, it is more motivating to work on my book writing project

* it keeps me accountable for my actions

*I can receive feedback from others, if anyone posts a comment

*blogging is just fun, plain fun

*my blog posts can be shared with other social media sites

*eventually, my blog posts about book writing can be used for another book (if all goes well..:) )

*blogging is a very inexpensive yet efficient way to communicate with others

*blogging has become one of the most popular writing tools on the Internet

* I can help others who want to write a book

*the “blogosphere” – as it is known as – is just going to keep increasing in importance worldwide; it’s nice to be a part of that.

Find interesting? Kindly share…Thanks!

It's Easier Said Than Done…

I am still working on my book’s outline. It seems as soon as I start a chapter heading, all kinds of items pop up as subheadings. I keep listing the items, and have more headings to write.  Bullet points work well for me when listing subtopics.  I like bullet points – nice and succinct.

Yesterday, I completed one chapter, for the most part.  I will go back and add more items

Plus, I’m looking over information that I previously wrote in Word.  This needs inputted into Open Office. It’ll get done, just takes some time.

It’s easy to talk about outlines, harder to actually do them.  🙂

Specific Goals

Part of the process of goal setting is to choose specific dates for accomplishing these goals. This serves different purposes, the main one to keep me on track. For my book writing project, I will follow these guidelines:

So, each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will post to my blog.

On Tuesday and Thursday I will input chapters into my Open Office writer. I will continue to do this until the entire process is done.

Each Monday I will update my book outline. I will also add additional suheadings as needed.

Every day I will do at least one-two hours of writing on my book project. I need to determine a daily word count.

Writing Goals

Maybe this step belongs as #1, I’m not sure. I know that setting goals beforehand, makes the project easier to complete. Goals also provide motivation (at least they’re supposed to), and will keep me on track.

My main goal for this book writing project is to take a daily step toward completing it.  I will break this writing process down into smaller, manageable steps. That’s the overall goal. So….

* Post at least every other day to blog. In process.

* Sit down and determine what subject area I will write about. Done

* Determine type of book to write. Done

* Develop outline containing chapter titles (main topics). Done

* Develop subchapters, type all I can remember about these areas. In process.

* Transfer Word documents from one computer to another. In process.

* Establish rough draft due date. To be done.

* Write goals into word program, Open Office. In process.

Chapter Titles

Having thought of my topic areas (chapter titles), I’ll put them as Roman numerals on my outline.   At this point, I’m not worrying about the order of events. I’m just thinking about different main areas that are important to me.

This step is mainly to get me thinking about the overall picture of my book project.   Once I get these main topics out of the way, all the sub-info will hopefully fall into place. I’ll just keep jotting away.

Book Outline

The next step for me, I feel, is to develop a book outline. Some writers don’t like outlines, some do. I happen to believe, and know, I accomplish much more when I have an outline to follow. Plus, that fact was pounded into my head during my years of education. So….

An outline needs to be developed. They are time-consuming, but will provide me with guidance throughout my book writing project.

The heading is not that important right now. The heading is basically the book title. I haven’t decided on that yet now. That will come later. There is no hurry to determine that upfront.

First, I will need to sit down and think about chapter headings/titles. What major areas do I want to write about in my book?

Second, once I am thinking about chapter headings/topics there is bound to be areas that fall under those headings. These are known as subtopics. Cool….I like subtopics….

Let the outline begin….

P.S. What’s nice about outlines is the fact they can be updated as the writing process begins.

Nonfiction vs Fiction

To help me decide which type of book I’ll write…let me break down the subcategories:


*mystery/suspense…a “who did it” kind of book.  These are fun to read, but I don’t want to write one now.

*romance…as popular as these are, they’re just not my cup o’tea…I’d rather have the real thing…:)

*biography…I don’t enjoy reading what others say about someone. I like only the facts from “the horse’s mouth”. So, no  thanks.

*action-oriented…no thanks.

Let’s see….nonfiction:

*Personal essay (autobiography)….a true life’s story from “the horse’s mouth”. Right up my alley.

*Textbooks…enjoyable (what?!), but not now.

*History…I don’t have anything in mind for this. So…no go.

*How to….already writing these. For my book writing project, though, not now.

Guess which category/type I’ve chosen….for my book writing…..:)

What’s next?….


What type of book will I write?

By type of book, I mean the following categories:

*novel – meaning fictional, make believe. Mystery/suspense, biography, action-oriented, romance, and others fall into this category.

*factual – nonfiction, real life. Personal essays (also known as autobiography), textbooks, how to guides, history, etc. fall into this category.

That’s a short and simple explanation of book types.  More technically, a book type can also be called a book category. Fiction or nonfiction, simply.

I prefer nonfiction for now. Hmm…

What next?

What will I write about?

Choosing A Topic…

OK, so I am going to write a book. With so many avenues to choose from, what will I write about? How do I decide?

First…what area do I consider myself an expert in? This is an important step since my confidence in this area will help my writing.  My expertise comes from life’s experiences and education (both by books and real-life).  What is your area of expertise?  Sit down and think about this for awhile.  Everyone has something that they are good at.

Secondly, how popular is my area of expertise? What is needed in my area and how can I fill this niche? You need to know this as well. How is this accomplished?

* Perform an online search of your interested topic.  The Internet is a wealth of information (an online library), if used properly. I found out a lot of information this way!

* Go to the public library  to see how many books are out there on your preferred topic.

It is a good idea to perform an online search on your preferred subject to see what competition you will be up against. It helps in knowing what your competition is doing. I firmly believe this is important so I can position myself for success.

After performing the needed research, I have a subject area that not too many others can talk about.  In fact, there were none located in my field of preference. It appears that the field is wide open. Woohoo!! This is a perfect.

Now…what type of book will I write?

Hello world!

Greetings everyone! We all have a story to tell. So, I figured I would start a blog to journalize my book writing experience.  In addition to helping myself keep on track, my blog is intended to help other future book writers.