Patrick Roy's Jersey Retirement Ceremony

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Today, November 22, 2008, was the ceremonial retirement of Patrick Roy’s #33 jersey by the Montreal Canadien’s NHL organization.

To say Patrick Roy was a good goalie, is an understatement. If you were never lucky enough to watch this man play, you missed a fantastic player who made playing his position look easy. He was simply remarkable to watch.

Here are his career accomplishments, as mentioned on the NHL Network today during the television broadcast:

1029 career games played

3 Conn Smythe trophies

551 regular season victories

151 game playoff victories

11 All Star game appearances

5 Jennings Trophies

5 Vezina Trophies

4 Stanley Cup victories

A portion of the Montreal Canadien’s jersey retirement ceremony involved a video clip journey along Roy’s career path, starting with his childhood. It was simply entertaining and refreshing to see.

One of the goalie maneuver areas Roy is credited with is the perfection of the “butterfly maneuver”. This is the move you see goalies take that looks like their knees are on the ground, legs closed, and their lower legs are spread out. I wouldn’t think that is an easy task at all. However, he made it look easy. That is the sign of a true professional.

Another thing that is so nice about this talented hockey player/legend is his modesty. His personality always came across as low key, kind, and humbled. All in all, he was just a joy to watch in interviews and playing the game.

This was another wonderful retirement ceremony of a NHL player’s jersey number. Thank you to the NHL Network and Hockey Night in Canada for bringing it to us hockey fans.

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