Places Where Germs Gather in Hospitals and Public Places

Hi everyone. Back by popular demand.. I just published an article on where germs abound in homes. Now, let’s discuss places where germs gather in hospitals and other public places. Everyone needs to be aware.

Doorknobs. Protect yourself by holding onto a tissue, hand cloth, or other similar item to cover your hands. You can also wear some protective gloves.

IV Stands. Who knows how often these valuable pieces of equipment are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. IV-patients are expected to transport themselves while moving these.

Bathrooms. Watch out for the toilet seat. Depending on your strength, you may need to hold onto the toilet seat to lower or raise yourself. As soon as your hands touch the seat, your hands are at risk.

* The bathroom’s door latch/knob is a carrier. When I was recently hospitalized, I didn’t see one time when the handle was sanitized or cleaned. There were multiple people using the bathroom, also.

* The bathroom’s toilet seat cover container is a possible risk. Where has the previous user’s hands been?

* Sinks and their faucet handles.

Commodes. The commode seat and lid need to be touched. So do the side rails used to lift and lower your body. These are possible contamination sites.

Railings. Many stairs have railings to help people going up and down stairs.


Elevator floor indicators. Think of how many different fingers touch these buttons everyday.

Produce Sections. Everyone buying fresh produce picks up the item and tests it for personal preference/ripeness/etc. Germs can abound. Eliminate risk by using a cloth or buying bagged produce.

That is all I can think of for now. Will update at a later date with more places Where Germs Gather in Hospitals and Public Places .

Here is a helpful link to an informative article written by the WebMD team. Read it for further insight:
Hope this helps others going through the same thing.

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