Possible TKR Complications

I just finished reading a brochure on total knee replacement and thought I’d pass this on to my readers.

Overall, results are successful with this surgery (more than 90% success rate, actually), but here are some complications that can occur:

Infection (1% of cases)…this is my main area of concern
Loosening of the tkr
Soft tissue growth under kneecap
Blood clots in the leg veins or lung
Blood vessel injury
Nerve damage (I’ve written about this in other posts)

I’m writing this not to scare anyone, but just so everyone knows about worst case scenarios.

2 thoughts on “Possible TKR Complications”

  1. 2 weeks after my RTKR I fell and tore my quad tendon. Had been doing great but what an ordeal the injury has been. I was unable to lift my leg off the bed for several weeks. Very demoralizing and anxiety producung. My surgeon said he wished he could wrap all his patients in bubble wrap.

    It is a partial tear and I can rehab it to a degree but will always be weak. Surgery to repair it is risky with complications likely. I have been working hard in PT and am getting stronger ( i even did a few steps sequentially today!), twelve weeks out.
    My fall was due to the strong pain med (Norco) I was taking. I fainted. Please be very careful when on such medication.

  2. Hi Kathy,
    Sorry to hear about your frustrating situation. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your tkr comment that provides further insight to others. Keep in touch and good luck!

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