Posting Update

Hi my favorite readers,
It’s time again for posting some common sense information. Seems that within the past two months there has been a tremendous upswing of irrelevant and stupid postings to this site.

First of all, some of these posts come from business-related emails. If you have a legitimate business and truly want to get your word out…contact me for advertising opportunities. Otherwise, don’t waste my email space and reading time.

Secondly, some posts come with a short five-word comment such as “Great article! Thanks!” “Impressive post! Htanks for the info!” (misspelling is common with these posting types). I know that Internet usage “knowhow” states to get your word out by placing posts on as many websites as possible. The intent is to get viewers to come to your website. Once again….it ain’t gonna happen on this site. Either approach me as an intelligent, well-informed business owner with something to truly offer or hit the road. I don’t like that type of stupidity and either will my readers appreciate it. They’re smarter than that.Currently, I put those comments into the Trash or Spam file.

So….please have more respect for both Internet website owners such as myself and for the readers of those websites. Use your intelligence and common sense…if you have any.

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