My 45 Years Of Living With Double Vision

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My 45 Years Of Living With Double Vision is written by a patient for a patient – ME!. Based on a true story that expands decades, it contains insight and recommendations not found in traditional literature. Head injury, triggering mechanisms, natural assistance, pre-prism, post prism, migraines and steps involved, surgery. All are in here…

This is my memoir that I have written after finding nothing similar anywhere. I want to help others feel less alone with their vision concerns.

A head-on car accident caused my head to hit the dashboard/steering wheel/and go through the windshield. This impact resulted in a closed head injury, multiple fractures, traumatic brain injury, and …among other things….double vision.

Come explore my 45 year history in dealing with eye care professionals, triggering mechanisms, pre and post prisms, and strabismus surgery. You will also learn how to naturally lessen symptoms. A must read for others who are living with this condition. You are not alone.

I wrote this double vision ebook to help others feel less alone in their vision journey.

Living with double vision (diplopia) is not easy. Throughout the years I have gained valuable experience in living with this condition and truly believe my insight can help others. Even though I am not a medical care professional, I do know what it takes to live a prescription-free life at the age of 65 while dealing with various health conditions.

Come learn more…and take advantage of my limited time introductory offer. Good luck!