Hi everyone. I am pleased to announce the new release of my book titled “Water Exercises for TKR Patients”. After going through the total knee replacement recuperation process, I started using water as my exercise medium. Since these maneuvers work for me, they may work for you. The exercises are useful for anyone with mobility concerns.

My 39-page book contains 25 unique exercises, some with up to three variations. Exercises vary from shallow to deep waters, so there is something to satisfy all skill levels.

You do not need to swim to do my exercises. Some involve maintaining contact with the pool’s surface. Others include being in deep waters.

As mentioned, even though the book is geared towards those recuperating, or living, with a total knee replacement – anyone with mobility concerns can get involved.

My PDF-formatted book is available for purchase via Paypal. Once I receive purchase notification, I will forward the book in its entirety to your email address.

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