Why Do You Talk That Way?



I am proud to announce the new release of my 76-page book titled “Why Do You Talk That Way?”. It is a real-life story of what it is like to wake up and find yourself in the Intensive Care Unit having to recuperate from a number of life-threatening injuries, including the topic of this book – a fractured mandible (jaw). This first part of my book series takes readers on a journey from in-patient care and jaw wiring surgery to living in everyday society.

3 Bonus sections include specially developed recipes, bone-building foods and nutrients, and jaw exercises (some developed from first-hand experience). Readers will also learn about other valuable resources.

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NOOK READER: My book is available through Barnes & Noble for reading on NOOK devices. Here is the link:http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/why-do-you-talk-like-that-orlife-after-a-fractured-jaw-marie-buckner/1115467994?ean=2940016416069&itm=1&usri=2940016416069

PDF: My jaw book is also available in PDF format via PayPal. As a PDF document, you will be able to download the book onto your device after I receive notice of your purchase. Your purchase is made directly through me – cutting out the middle person.

PAPERBACK: What’s that?? You like holding a book and turning the pages? I hear you on that one. No worries…My newly released jaw book is now available for sale in paperback form through my Amazon’s CreateSpace estore.
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I am proud to announce yet another publishing platform for my jaw book. For those Lulu publishing fans…a paperback version of my book is now available through the Lulu Marketplace.
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