Proof of Being a Bionic Woman – TKR

One of the things I received while going through the pre-op process was a very special card. I happen to find it amusing, but then again – I’m easily entertained. It concerns proof of being a bionic woman – tkr.

It is a card to be used when I need to go through a metal detector  like those at airport checkpoints. What the card states is the fact that there is a metal implant in my leg. This could (or will) set off the detectors.

This patient has a prosthetic joint implant”…. is one the back of the card under the title..”Medical Alert”. It’s alerting whoever reads it to the fact they are dealing with a Bionic woman. 🙂

The front simply states my name, implant type, attending surgeon signature, and medical facility contact information.

I’m having it laminated to last a lifetime. Some people I know think it’s just too cool to have this card. 🙂

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  1. Well, I don’t plan on flying anymore, but the card would be cool to have!

    I did recently have to go to the local police department to visit with the detective working on some counterfeit checks we had gotten ripped off with, and as he led me through some doors and down the hallway, I asked him weren’t we going to pass through a metal detector???…..he said, no, did you want to? So I explained my new knee……I was just curious if it would set off the alarm.

    I am easily entertained these days!

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