Proudly Announcing My Newly Released “Why Do You Talk Like That?” Book

In addition to posting this to various online press release sites, I wanted to share it with you – my favorite readers! 🙂

Newly Released “Why Do You Talk Like That?” book discusses life after a fractured jaw

Are you recuperating from a fractured jaw, or someone who is? This may be the book you are looking for…

Marie Buckner is pleased to announce the release of her book titled “Why Do You Talk Like That?”. This book provides readers with a real-life story of what it is like to wake up and find yourself in the Intensive Care Unit having to recuperate from a number of life-threatening injuries, including a fractured mandible (jaw). This first part of a book series will take readers on a journey from in-patient care and jaw wiring surgery to living in everyday society. Written by a patient for a patient. 

“Recuperating from a fractured jaw is not easy. It takes time, effort, and persistence. My jaw was wired shut for 6-7 weeks. I learned to get nutrition through a straw. Pain can be overwhelming when something as simple as yawning, sneezing or laughing come along. After my wires were removed, I needed to learn how to get my jaw back in shape. No one gave me any exercises or advice. So, I took it upon my self to develop a recuperation strategy.

My recuperation strategy includes exercises, learning how to do oral care, how to slowly get back into eating “real” foods, and adapting to everyday life. After having so many people ask me to write a book, I did just that. This is the final result,” Marie stated.

This informative book comes complete with 3 bonus sections. Sections include specially developed recipes, bone-building foods and nutrients, and jaw exercises. Readers will also learn about other valuable jaw health resources.

Marie’s book is available in a variety of formats to fit readers’ needs. Readers can purchase it in CD or ebook format directly from her website titled “Booktoots’ Healing”. The book is also available in paperback and Kindle reader formats through Create Space and Amazon.

Marie Buckner is the survivor of a life-threatening automobile accident that involved a side head-on collision that knocked her unconscious. The accident caused a closed head injury with damage to the frontal and temporal lobe areas, a subdermal hematoma, damaged nerve & weak muscle in left eye which caused diplopia, fractured mandible, fractured C-1, 3 fractured ribs which punctured her kidneys, internal bleeding of kidneys as a result of the puncturing, and a fractured femur. Her fractured femur led to her being in a body cast for two years, and eventually resulted in a total knee replacement surgery. She is chronicaling her experiences by authoring this book series.
Marie operates a website titled “Booktoots’ Healing” at You can send her a comment via the ‘Contact Me’ page.
Or, send her an email at: She continually welcomes feedback from readers.

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