"Quick Fix" Weight Loss

Recently, I have had a few people approach me about putting advertisements onto my blog for weight loss products. Or, they want to have links on this blog to their websites that feature various weight loss products.

Now, please know that I am all for helping others as much as I can. Everyone deserves to make a decent living. And, weight loss is always such a hot issue. Our past paced society likes fast paced results.

However, there is one thing that I will not do. And, that is….make it sound like weight loss is a quick and easy thing to do. It is not. (Not unless one wants to undergo bypass surgery and other “fast” remedies, that is. And…that is an entire subject matter that I am not going to discuss here since I like keeping my blood pressure down).

Here is some insightful advice for losing weight and keeping it off: EAT LESS and EXERCISE MORE. Get disciplined. How simple is that?

These potential advertisers, or links, involve popping pills to lose weight. Right. Of course, there are before and after pictures of the people who have lost weight. I’m waiting for the day when the pictures are switched. As a kid, I remember my dad showing me a picture of an overweight person as the “after” and a thin person as the “before”. Now…that’s entertaining. 🙂

What happens when the pills run out? Is their health shot? Does the person gain the weight back? I bet they do. They haven’t retrained their eating habits. That’s the only way to achieve a permanent weight loss.

So, for all you “quick fix” weight loss promoters….leave us alone. You’re wasting your time with this blog.

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