Driving In Real-Life Versus Video Games

Hi my favorite readers. Something has come to my attention that, I believe, needs discussed. It involves driving in real-life versus video games.

It seems that many young drivers have difficulty deciphering between driving cars while playing a video game or driving a car in real life. So, to make it as easy as possible….Here are some helpful suggestions:

TURN YOUR NECK WHEN MANEUVERING YOUR VEHICLE. You do NOT keep looking straight ahead while pulling into the adjoining lane. You do NOT pull out in traffic without turning your head to EACH SIDE before moving. There will be traffic on both sides of your vehicle and the only way you can see it is BY TURNING YOUR NECK and USING YOUR EYES.

Check your surroundings. Look to be certain no kids or people, small dogs, toys, or other potential hazards are around. You cannot simply turn on a device and start driving at full speed. Safety first. That is not taught in video games.

MORAL OF STORY: Driving in “real life” is NOT like playing a video game, where you can stare straight ahead and not move your neck, head or eyes more than a slight, if any, degree.

Real-life versus video games driving involves more than simply turning your remote device slightly to the left or right while driving your on-screen vehicle in that high-speed chase or race. Real life driving utilizes your mental and physical capacities…that is if you..no, I won’t go there.

Get a grip on life and how things really operate. It is more than moving your joystick and/or thumbs on a device. It INVOLVES YOUR LIFE AND OTHER DRIVERS. You are not the center of the universe. The road is to be shared by all.

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