Regret Having a Total Knee Replacement?

Hi my favorite readers! I have been asked by a few people lately if I ever regret having a total knee replacement.  They see how slow I am going up and down stairs, how difficult it is for me to get up from low seating positions, how swollen my knee still is, and how I look in pain sometimes.

My answer is plain and simple: NO!!!

The fact that I can walk now without pain is in and of itself enough for me to be happy. Plus, I don’t carry crutches around with me while fearing my knee will lock up at any time.

Total knee replacement surgery is well worth the difficulties that going through the long, lengthy recuperation process entails.

Besides, I can proudly state that I am now a partially bionic woman. 🙂  Plus, I have something in common with Bobby Orr (whom I had a high school crush on).  🙂

Hope this tkr insight helps others going through the same thing.

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