Relaxing Way to Stretch Hamstrings

You want to stretch your legs out after a nice walk on your new tkr? Stretching out the hamstrings can be so pleasurable and relaxing before or after any kind of extended use. Immediately after a tkr, we are instructed to do recuperation maneuvers that specifically work on regaining use of the hamstrings. Hamstrings, located on the backside of your knee and thigh, play an important role in supporting your knee joint. You probably knew that anyway, I just thought I’d throw it in to be safe. Here is an exercise that works well for me, 3.5 years post-tkr. It may work for you as well. Before doing the exercise, remember to check with your doctor or therapist first to prevent further injury. The exercise may not be suitable for you.

Stand facing a stair well. Lift your leg and place the foot onto two steps above where you stand. Your thigh needs to be parallel to the surface. Gently lean your upper body forward until you feel a marvelous stretch along the backside of your thigh and lower back. Hold this stretch for as long as comfortable.

Return your leg to the original position. Repeat exercise with your other leg.
This exercise was not possible for a good time after my tkr due to mobility and/or pain concerns, so “discovering” it now is very welcome.

Try it, you may like it. Find interesting? Kindly share..

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