Remembering A Hip Replacement

Hi my favorite readers! While reading through Internet website listings, I came upon ads for hip replacement. It brought back memories of working in orthopaedics and seeing a video of this surgery. I thought it would be interesting to share…

You are probably familiar with cooking a whole chicken. You might need to debone the chicken in order to get the meaty part of things. Think about …oh, this is not going to sound appetizing..the time you needed to pop the thigh joint out of the chicken’s body. That’s what a hip replacement is like on a human.

Picture the person laying in a supine position. That means the patient is face up, on his or her back. An incision is made so the femur bone becomes visible. The surgeon grabs a hold of the thigh and gently ‘pops’ the femur out of the hip bone socket. I know that has a technical term, I just cannot think of it as this time.

This viewing was definitely something to behold. Overall, it was very interesting. It also turned me off to deboning chickens or other animals for the rest of my life. Ewww…

More power to the surgeons. There’s a reason they do what they do. It’s a skill and gift that others do not possess.

Find interesting…kindly share…

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