Remembering the Humor

While figuring out ways to incorporate humor into my book about being laid up for two years, I suddenly recalled the hilarious encounters I shared with my hospital roomie. Each of us were in there with major injuries (she had a fractured hip) and we needed laughs desperately. And, to boot, we got along remarkably well. We were both near the same age and were both involved in an auto accident. Here’s one story…

The nurses would come make their rounds in early morning. They used to enjoy coming to see us and give us a hard time since we gave it right back to them. Well, this one morning, one of the nurses was helping another patient in the room. She was slightly bended over while helping the person across the room from me.

Seeing that she was not watching me, I grabbed a stack of napkins and dipped them into my water pitcher. This made for a nice, big, wet wad. If it had been snow, it would have made for a perfect snowball. With her back turned towards me, it made for a perfect shot. I waited for just the right moment and threw a perfect pitch at her. I hit her dead smack in the butt. A nice big louie.

To see the surprised look on her face, combined with the sight of her wet-butted uniform, was priceless. To this day I laugh about it. That was the last time she turned her back to me when in the room. lol


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