Resistance Bands: Use Them For Better Joint Health

Hi everyone! Resistance bands are cheap, convenient, and beneficial for getting or maintaining knee functioning. I still use them regularly – years post-tkr. Here is some insight about resistance bands: use them for better joint health.

They provide  easy ways to get a workout no matter where you are. Just put one or two in a purse, backpack, luggage piece, or other item to have access whenever needed.

I was introduced to these workout marvels during my tkr recuperation process, as you likely were. If you are not familiar with these exercise tools, read further to learn why you need to add these marvels to your fitness routine. As usual, always consult with your medical care provider before starting any new exercise regime.

Side note: While going through physical therapy, I noticed different colored bands tied around the parallel bars. It turns out that these bands were known as resistance bands.

They were in bright colors and I stated I wanted a red one. “This isn’t a fashion show, Marie,” is what I heard. The physical therapist then went on to tell me that different colors signify different strengths. Who knew? Not me..

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One exercise involves putting the band around your knee area. Wrap the band around a sturdy table leg or stationary bar. Tie the two band ends together.

When done properly, the band will form a circle, with your knee in one side and the stationary item in the other.The band may start bunching together around the knee. Just flatten it out. Pull your leg out sideways. Start out slowly and gradually increase repetitions.

* Another variation involved working your glutes (or butt) and hamstrings. Instead of moving your leg out sideways, move it towards the backside of your body. Keep your knee as straight as possible.

Slowly return to the original position. Rest for a few seconds. Repeat. Do the same with your opposite (“good”) leg, if desired.

* Here is a seated exercise that has always worked well for me. Try it!:
Sit on a firm chair with both legs firmly on the ground. Put both ankles inside the band circle. Separate your legs and hold for five seconds. Slowly return to the original position. Rest for a few seconds.

Repeat this maneuver five times, or whatever is recommended by your medical care professional. When done correctly, you will feel the tension in your outer knee and leg area.

* For the arms: Strong arms make using walking aides easier. So..I have found resistance bands useful, also, in arm exercises. Simply place your hands inside the band circle. Pull your hands apart until a good stretch is felt. Hold for five or six seconds.

Slowly return to the original position. Relax for 15 seconds. Repeat 10 times. And, the bands don’t have a chance to bunch up like they do in the knee exercises.

Here is a link to the American Council on Exercise (ACE Fitness) site that contains a wealth of information about using resistance bands for an efficient workout:

ACE Fitness Rubber Band Workout

For those of you interested in purchasing these exercise marvels, here is a link to Prosource Fit, a worthy source.  Please note that I am an affiliate and will receive a commission from your purchase. Hence, we could be helping each other!

Here is their link:
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Hope this helps others going through the same thing.

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