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Knee 1
This site contains a wealth of information about knee health. Click on the above text to be taken directly to this valuable site. A free membership into the forum may be required. Kindly mention my site when making any posts. Thanks!

Richard Haynes, PTA, CPT
Richard Haynes is a Physical Therapist Assistant working in the home health sector in Punta Gorda Florida, with specialization in orthopedic injuries, joint replacement surgical rehabilitation and, pre and post -rehabilitation strengthening programs. Richard’s website is designed for the orthopedic patient who is looking for information or consulting regarding rehabilitation or post rehabilitation fitness exercises. Richard also does on-line rehabilitation and fitness training as well.

Richard Haynes PTA,CPT
Total Joint Fitness LLC
Punta Gorda, Florida. 
Total Joint Fitness LLC

Better Health With Chiropractic Help
What is Chiropractic and can it help my aching joints? Can it relieve my headaches and get me off all the drugs I’m swallowing. What are the conditions that Chiropractors treat, and is the treatment painful or dangerous? Is it backed up by solid scientific studies? You’ll find straight forward descriptions, written for the layperson, without talking down to you. Any health profession worth its salt seeks to empower people by helping them to help themselves.”

Visit this informative site to learn about nutrition and healthy eating, dealing with various health conditions, and living a healthier lifestyle. You will find the answers to your questions here.

Healthline is one of the most impressive premier healthy living sites on the Internet. This invaluable site has a mission of making people healthier by providing powerfulinformation. They “enable healthier living and better healthcare outcomes” so everyone can benefit.

With so much confusing information on the Internet anymore, I was quite pleased when I found this site! All types of conditions, medical care advances, and other topics are covered to make living a healthier lifestyle possible. I love the way medical information is provided in easy-to-understand terms.

I recommend taking a look at this resources site and finding out how you can benefit and learn. Whatever health concern you have, it is bound to be covered in an informative, user-friendly manner.

This respectable, reputable site has included my site, ‘Booktoots’ Healing’, as one of the best tkr blogs available online. It is due to you – my readers – being comfortable enough to share personal insight and experiences. I can also claim to be a contributor. How nice is that? Take a look at their blog groups for more insight. You are bound to find something to your liking.

If you’re like me, once you visit this site, you’ll keep returning! Keep learning!

As anyone who regularly visits my site knows, I am a firm believer in using herbs and natural remedies to heal our bodies. Luckily, I was recently approached by a wonderful lady who is a professional practitioner in the holistic healing field. Her name is Tamara Lujon and she owns Farmacology. Here is her bio:

Tamara Lujan is a holistic health practitioner and herbalist with over 27 years of experience. She believes in a holistic approach to healing, which includes using whole foods and herbs to help the body heal and perform at its best. Tamara owns Farmacology Organics where you can find her organic herbal products.
Her Farmacology Organics Facebook page has over 75,000 followers. Her blog Farmacology Organics provides information on using whole foods, nutrition, herbs and green living for a healthier life.

Here is another resources site that contains a wealth of information about a variety of topics ranging from diet and nutrition/recipes to healthy aging. I especially like the way they discuss pain relief. 🙂

Taken from their site:
This site is for those of us who look for the information they need to live a more positive, healthier and happier life.

Whether you’re seeking healthy eating options, belly fat problems, trying to stick to a diet, struggling with eating healthy when you go out or dealing with the stress and depression which comes with losing weight Positive Health Wellness is always there to help you out.

At Positive Health Wellness, our mission is to provide a wide variety of resources for people who are enthusiastic and passionate about being positive and healthy – recipes, reviews, health and wellness tips as well as helpful videos.

Click on this resource link for more information:

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