Scared of a Total Knee Replacement?

Hi everyone. Since hearing from numerous readers about being scared of a total knee replacement, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss some personal insight.  Here it is…

Don’t be. It’s only natural to be anxious about a major surgery, but the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.  Here are a few items that I, personally, have to say about having the surgery:

  • I don’t need to carry around crutches while fearing my knee will painfully ‘lock up’.  I did that for 8 months. That is a huge relief.
  • I can walk more than a few feet without experiencing any knee joint pain.
  • I can do aerobic exercises without having any knee pain.
  • I can engage in daily activities without wondering what my knee will do.
  • I can walk upstairs without any knee pain. It ain’t pretty, but stairs are doable.
  • I am not bowlegged anymore. The surgery realigned my leg.
  • I am stretching and using leg muscles I had not used in 30 years due to my trauma injury.
  • I know that the pain of recuperation is temporary (has been almost 5 months already).
  • I have the highest praise to say about the surgery process and the team that worked on me. I hope this tkr blog has you realizing that.
  • Modern medical technology is truly remarkable regarding this knee surgery.
  • The surgery itself is the easiest part. Recuperation is the hardest.

Hope this helps all who are scared of a total knee replacement and contemplating having this knee surgery done.

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5 thoughts on “Scared of a Total Knee Replacement?”

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  2. Please walk me through all the details of your surgery, hospital stay, experience with pain management, homecoming after surgery, and rehab! Needless to say, I am scared to death although I haven’t yet even decided for sure to have the surgery. I am a 58 year old woman with 2 bad knees from osteo-arthritis and doing stupid things on my bike when I was a kid. Had the left knee scoped last October and it is somewhat better. Now the RIGHT knee is so bad that I have been almost totally homebound and on and off crutches for 3 weeks. Am going to see my orthopedic guy tomorrow, and see what he thinks.
    I have had many different procedures and types of surgeries during my lfetime, but do not like narcotics, and have never had morphine. Please help.

  3. Well I don’t consider my self a pro but I am on my number three tkr. I have had two knee replacements and one revision. one in 2008 and the next 2012in April and it failed. I can tell you that the pain will never get better and I believe its better to get it done while your young. Get several opinions I have found different things from diff docs. Some are out for the money or you are just another cow in the feed lot. The number one doc is not always the best. I have found out that in the large hospital that the doctor doesn’t get a choice on the appliance he uses. So I went to a Top doc and Top Hospital , and my knee failed in less than a year.
    I have found a country doc board certified and he was great. My first doctor had me so loaded on drugs I couldn’t function. This revision I am barely having to take meds.
    Best of luck get several opinions. check out the appliances being used. Get the ones with the rod not glued. The more you know the better.
    Yes it hurts but you will be glad to walk and enjoy life again.!!

  4. Hi Jeanine,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your insightful comment. Sorry to hear about all your negative experiences. Yikes.
    For the records: My surgery was done at a large reputable hospital. My surgeon was very well trained in the procedure, concerned about me and didn’t load me up on medications.
    Best of luck to you…

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