Sean Avery Is Back To His Old Tricks

Avery, now with the New York Rangers, has been doing so well since being taken off waivers. He has stuck to the game and showed his talent on the ice. However, during today’s game between the New York Rangers and Boston Bruins – he seemed to revert back to his “old tricks”. The game was broadcast on Center Ice.

Here is what happened. And, I watched the replay numerous times since I was taken aback upon first seeing the play. Tim Thomas, goalie for Boston Bruins, was kneeling outside of the crease. There was no play happening at the time. Avery comes up from behind and whacks Thomas behind the head with his stick, causing Thomas’ head and neck to move. It was uncalled for.

To make it worse, Avery acted like “Oh, I didn’t see you there.” That was ridiculous. There was no one around the two players at the time of the incidence.

So, Thomas gets up quickly and goes after Avery. Good for him. What happened then?

Sean Avery got a two minute penalty for rough housing. Spare me. That idiotic play deserved more than that penalty-wise.
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