Seattle as a potential NHL market

There is talk, so I hear, about Seattle being a location for a future NHL team.  It seems like a great idea!  According to Bill Daly, NHL Deputy Commissioner, three things are needed in order to have a team.  These three things are: ownership, market, and a building (arena).  I learned that from watching ‘NHL Live!’, of which I am a loyal fan.

As far as ownership goes, Paul Allen is already involved with other professional sports, why not hockey?  That’s something to think about.

There is a strong market here for an NHL team.  There are ice hockey teams at both major universities..University of WA and Washington State.  They belong to the PAC-8.  Wherever there are collegiate ice hockey teams, it seems logical that there will be a good market for an NHL team.

The Spokane Chiefs  belong to the Western Hockey League (WHL) and draw a good crowd. And, the Seattle Thunderbirds are a junior ice hockey team that draws crowds.

As far as a building goes, I can only hope that Key Arena is torn down and replaced with another more user friendly building.  That building has people crammed in seats like sardines in a can. (Unless you’re in the handicapped areas, which are very accommodating).  I am not a fan of that building in any way, shape, or form.

And, history shows that Seattle was the first US city to win the Stanley Cup.  This happened back in the 1916-17 season.

So…in conclusion…..BRING IT ON!!!!

2 thoughts on “Seattle as a potential NHL market”

  1. I’ve heard Portland has also expressed interest in an NHL club. I, personally think that Seattle or Portland could both support NHL clubs (with the general success of the WHL’s Thunderbirds, winterhawks, americans, and cheifs, but unfortunately, Gary Betman wants teams in Las Vegas (where no sports thrive) and Kansas City (who’ve already failed at hockey).

    I think the Pac Northwest should be a logical place (7 million people), besides Hartford and a few Canadian cities.

    Unfortunately Gary Betman is hellbent on keeping teams in places where no one wants to watch hockey. what a shame, because the NW united states has supported major junior hockey longer than a lot of canadian cities have.

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