Short TKR Update

Today has been a difficult day.  Earlier in the day, I went for a walk with the dogs (real four-legged variety) and had a good workout.  Now, my knee is swollen (even after icing) and stiff.  I know it could be worse, it’s just discouraging in the meantime.  I’m not complaining, just stating a fact.  My tkr surgery was 6.75 months ago.

Still, this day is better than the pain I had prior to my total knee replacement.  🙂

1 thought on “Short TKR Update”

  1. I’m at 7 months and still working on getting full extension on my tkr.
    Everyday I sit on the floor, put a pillow on my knee and then a 10lb. weight.
    I’m still hanging in there. If it takes a full year to rehab it, so be it!

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